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Wessex Equine Dental Services
Wessex Equine Dental Services

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Professional Equine Dentistry

We are independent providers of high quality equine dental care and hope after reading this, we can highlight to you the importance of good equine dentistry. Through our work we are committed to providing improved conditions, function and performance of your horse which will lead to a stronger partnership between you and your animal.

BEVA / BVDA Qualified

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The importance off good healthy teeth for your horse is paramount to the happiness of your animal. Wessex Equine Dentistry provide a high quality service in order to maintain your horses teeth and gums. Wessex Equine Dentistry will provide your horse or donkey with a full professional examination and we will complete all the required dental work for your animal. Upon completion we will issue a dental chart which documents all the work carried out which will be useful if any further problems occur.

If you require any of our services then you can get in touch using the contact details below:

Email: wessexeds@gmail.com

Phone: 07400 666 555

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Wessex Equine Dentistry Services

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Hi. Just recommended u to fellow therapist. Also to say how much Opi has improved since your work, he is actually strong to hold cantering so pedals up!

Thank you, hope all well with you.Caroline Stewart

The British Association of Equine Dental Technicians

The British Association Of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT) was founded in 2001 and is an organisation for qualified professional Equine Dental Technicians, promoting the professional training of technicians and to provide greater understanding of the need for equine dentistry to the general public.


About Wessex Equine Dental Services

The first and most important things I did with horses is to ensure that their teeth are checked along with their backs. This then ensured that they were comfortable and pain free which gave me a blank canvass to work with. I spent a period of 6 months working with horses in Australia and during this time I was given the opportunity to train at the College of Equine Dentistry Australia which is recognised as having one of the highest standards of equine dentistry tuition in the world and there I continued to train and work as an equine dentist.


To book an appointment for your horse, ponies or donkeys, please either phone or email us, or alternativly you can send an appointment request online here.

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